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17'8" Full Size Pick Up Cover-Reg Cab w/ Long Bed

$ 149.99

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The Elite ShieldAllPick Up Truck Coverprovidessuperior protection against all weather conditions but focuses on very hot and sunny climates.The materialis aspecial woven polyester fabric coated with a thick, silver reflective urethane layer on the outside and asoft inner lining thats add's some bulk to help pampera vehicles finefinish. It will not only keep your car cooler but preserve the interior and paint job from fading. These covershave durabledouble stitched seams for maximum durability. Elastisized front and rear hems. Preinstalled grommets on the left and right side to help keep the cover in place during high winds.It also comeswith a free storage bag and a 2 year limited warranty. Suggested retail price: $149.99

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