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Apple iPhone 6S/ 6 Plus 5.5Inc Pink Water Proof Case

$ 13.10 $ 59.99

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This product is suitable For iPhone 6S/ 6 Plus 5.5 . It have a good protective and waterproof effect. The screen protector is in PET material wear-resistant and scratch-resistant and does not affect the use of the phone. It can be used when rain and snow or other similar envirOnmental also unrestricted to use. Can isolate the dirt dust dust storms and withstand the soil impurities and construction dust; it can isolate the snow and ice water even when you are using under the skiing floating envirOnment; Waterproof Case ultra-sleek and slim design with thin main body profile Thinnest in the world waterproof Case. Reserved For the camera viewfinder and a variety of envirOnments shooting; High degree of shock and impact protection Fully sealed rfom minute dust particles The headphone jack has a dust protective tampOn which can be easily assembled and with a waterproof headphone cOnvertor cable which is more safe and practical. Package Includes; Water Proof Case 1Pc Waterproof headphone cOnvertor cable 1pc Dust protective tampOn 1pc lens cleaning cloth 1pc strap 1pc

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