Beverly Hills Polo Club - 95% Feather- 5% Down Pillow

$ 26.99

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  • Top-of-the-line Beverly Hills Polo Club Park Ave Collection
  • Standard 20x26"/Queen 20x28"/ King 20x36"
  • ONE Pillow
  • 95% Feather / 5% Down - Odorless
  • Medium Firmness
  • Backed by 3-year Warranty

Down Pillow Recommendations Before Using

Our Feather Factory uses a natural cleaning process. This chemical free process helps to increase the longevity of your pillow. Due to the long airtight shipping process, re-fluffing will be necessary and there may be some natural down smells that occur when first opening your package. This can be easily eliminated.

Step #1:

Place Pillow in dryer with high heat for 20 minutes. In 99% of cases, Step #1 is all that is needed.

Step #2:

Place pillow with 1.5 cups of baking soda in washer with mild detergent. Never use fabric softener.  Place pillow in the dryer on medium heat until pillow is completely dry. You will need to check the pillow often while drying and move the feathers around inside the pillow. Clumps of feathers can cause an odor if not thoroughly dry. It is very important that the pillow is completely dry to inhibit mildew and odors

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