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Black Fidget Tri-Spinner Toy Stress Reducer

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LONGER SPIN TIME - Almost 1.5 min +. Depending on how hard you go for it. HIGHER PERFORMANCE - This spinner is injection molded from ABS plastic Stronger and Environmental Material Longer Service Life Which results in a better finish higher strength and much higher shatter resistance when compared to common 3D printed spinners Not Easy to Break when compared to Ceramic Bearing. RELIEVES ANXIETY: Feeling a bit anxious? Put stress at bay by distracting your thoughts and focusing them on an incredibly calming fun toy. Help ADD & ADHD sufferers Relieve Stress and Anxiety Ease your boredom when waiting in car or airport. NO REPAIR OIL MAINTENANCE NEEDED - Use it right out of box. All 4 bearings are removable for future upgrades after market modification and customization! PORTABLE - Easy To Carry Small Simple Discrete and Fun also effective for Focus and Deep Thought you can put it to use right on the go anywhere anytime. Suitable for all ages to play.

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