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Waterproof SUV Cover Size EP-U1 fits up to 15'

$ 124.99

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THIS COVER IS ON BACK ORDER.This Elite Waterproof SUV Cover fits vehicles like the Lexus RX300, BMW X3, etc and has a realistic 2 Year Warranty. It is safe to use in all types of weather conditions. From extremely wet areas like the North West to 4 season climates like New York, this cover is the all around BEST! Waterproofing is achieved through welding the seams ultrasonically. There is no stitching used and this ensures that no water will seep through the seams. IIn addition, the hem is elasticized in the front and rear of the cover to ensure an extra snug fit. The reinforced side grommets help to keep your cover locked down with a Cable Lock or bungee cord. INCREDIBLE 2 YEAR WARRANTY! Available in Grey or Tan. Suggested Retail $124.99.

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